A Gift From the Garden

Maison St Pé – 17 August – 01 Sept

“A Gift from the Garden” exhibition is an exploration of some themes that have been key to Taber’s practice for the last 8 years. Transformation, love, loss and tenderness. Combining large and small scale oil paintings on canvas and several ink works on paper.

‘A Gift from the Garden’ was inspired by two aspects firstly her childhood memories of the magical days learning to paint in her grandmother’s garden and her mother’s love of nature her stories of the flame and jacaranda trees in Africa. This is an ode to mother nature, but also to the inherited gifts handed down through generations.

Deliberately and intentionally, she seeks to create this same sense of wonderment in the paintings. There is a tenderness expressed as ‘The Gift’ and the universal act of giving as figures hand one another fruit or offer knowledge as an expression of love. It is far from an idyllic tale of hope and paradise found, but of a triumph of peace over chaos and suffering. The garden also acts as a metaphor in this exhibition as in Voltaire’s novel Candide.

“Il faut cultiver notre Jardin”.